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Being Kind To The Strangers In Our Own Bodies

--by starrynight, posted Nov 7, 2008

I have been having some health challenges lately, and it's been a big eye-opening and humbling experience. For one thing, it turns out that they are a whole lot of folks in my life that have been working very hard on my behalf for years without my ever showing them much appreciation or gratefulness! They are called Liver, Heart, Kidneys, Lung, Cells, Good Intestinal Bacteria etc.

In my 30+ years on the planet, I can't say I have taken the time to learn a whole lot about them, how they work, what makes them happy etc. They basically have been Strangers to me! Worse, I have totally taken these guys for granted and put them under a lot of pressure to perform under more and more challenging situations... stress, environmental pollution, too much work, too many sweets etc. And wow, have they been patient and willing to put through a lot!

I really wish I had not waited until some of them started protesting to start paying attention to them, but as they say, better late than never. In any case, I'm now committed to listening to these folks and turning them into my best friends, and guess what?  As with everyone else, it all starts with simple acts of kindness!

It's actually fun... try this out, and do something nice for your "strangers within" once in a while. Read a sufi poem to your heart, take your lungs for a spontaneous walk in the woods, serve your liver some of its favorite cleansing herbs, and give all of them a day off now and then by fasting on vegetable juices or light soup. It's truly amazing what happens when we start befriending these incredible beings that make up our miraculous inner world! It's definitely broadened my understanding of what it means to 'be the change one wants to see in the world."

You can't tag these folks with a smile card but trust me, they will de-fi-ni-te-ly pay it forward! Generosity is in their genes. Our bodies are a lot more sophisticated that our human systems... they are already organized as a gift-economy! : )

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brighteyes wrote: Starrynight-
Great story and so true. I am having a few health challenges myself and now i do not take my body or health for granted. Before i go to bed and first thing in the morning before rising i give thanks to both and feel blessed!

Blessings & good health restored to you,
Brighteyes ;)
barefootdiva wrote: Thanks for this reminder. It is easy in our busy lives to go on and not remember theses all so important facts.
Raqui wrote: I AGREE! How about treating yourself to a yummy plum or tasty fruit. I think you will feel that from the inside out :)
lOVEBUG wrote: I believe our bodies talk to us and will tell you what they need, but we are so rushed we never take the time to be still within ourselfs.I am glad you are listening at such a young age. God Bless
falsemonkeypuzzl wrote: That's a very wise and helpful way to look at our bodies - especially for "givers". It's sometimes easier to do something good for someone else than for ourselves and this makes ourselves "someone else"!
JuneBug wrote: The other day I went out to dinner with my kids and all I wanted was spinach cooked in garlic...Everybody looked at me like I was silly but I believe it was something my body was craving...Your body tells you so much if we would just listen....:}
sanserif wrote: Thank you so much for such a refreshing outlook...I am amazed at your out of the box thinking! Worth heeding every word. Doing good to yourself is as important as doing good to others.
lmil1954 wrote: That was extremely well said! I love it!!! Thank you for the reminder put so very delicately, yet to the point! LindaM:)
SeaFoam wrote: The lesson is well taken - and the ending paragraph is fantastic!

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