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A Boxful of Kindness

--by desihakkert, posted Nov 10, 2008

Me and my friend wanted to do something nice for someone who we think deserves it. And so we came up with this wonderfull idea.

There is this homeless guy who stands outside of the supermarket all the time. Everytime I walk by he is always smiling and helping people with their groceries, in exchange of some pocketchange.  My friend and I think that it is just amazing, that the person who has the most reasons to be upset, is the one with the biggest smile on his face, so we wanted to do something nice for him.

We filled this big box with shower gel, drinks, chocolate, socks, a scarf, etc. It was very important to us that the box was not filled with things you NEED to survive, but with things that make you happy and things a homeless person couldn't afford.

We gave him the box, and he loved it!  He was really touched by this.

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lovebug wrote: I think your story has already been updated. I was so touched by the part about giving what a person does not need to survive, i took the time to read the comments. Sure enough, i see, i made a comment. I think this story is much clearer then your last one. Sure hope it because i have better vision.
pankhuri wrote: I really liked your idea of filling the box with things that a homeless person would not need but like to have :)i think i will also do something like that very soon! :)thanks for the inspiration :)
unknown wrote: Wonderful to read. I wonder if we can have an update. Stories like these make me feel good and gives inspiration for me to help others.
warmth wrote: yes i m sure he is doing fine with ur loving care and kind act. Thank u for sharing this wonderful story. God bless u and ur friend. :) Keep up the good work. SOme great person said, "helping hands are mightier than the lips that pray".
PayingForward wrote: What a kind and wonderful thing to do. I like the part about not only giving him basic necessities but also things to really bless him. I remember at a kick-off to a food drive, our pastor would say, "Let's not just give the stewed tomatoes, beans, powdered milk and rice ... let's give them chocolate chips too!" He understood the power of a blessing ... and so do you. God bless you. :)
butterfly wrote: thank you for being so kind. you are an angel. love and light x
lOVEBUG wrote: You don't need good english to speak with your heart. Just a beautiful story, thank you for sharing. God Bless
Raqui wrote: That is a very nice present hopefully the reason why you dont see him is because he is no longer homeless he must now be using those wonderful things in his new home :) Raqui
JuneBug wrote: Wha a beautiful thing to do...Somewhere, wherever he is,I'm sure he rememebers your kindness....
perseverance wrote: It does not matter regarding your english What matters is your love care and concern which overrides everything else in life.You have done yourself proud

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