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Giving a Lift to a Nurse

--by deploy, posted Nov 9, 2008

Walking alongside a  lady in her late 20's on my way to work the other day, I asked her to join me and catch the micro-bus to the city centre.  She was coming from an all-night shift and told me she was a Nurse Assistant. She told me that  she walks into town as she cannot afford the fare.  When I thought about it, I realized that meant she had to walk 10kms!

I quickly told her that I would pay her fare. She was very amazed and grateful .So, we waited for the bus  to pick us up and fortunately a friend  of mine  stopped and gave us a free lift, so I didn't even have to pay for her or myself.

When we got into the city centre my friend dropped us off. The lady said thank you to me and said may your act of kindness be trebled too ... i shared a tear of joy and felt very happy, very happy inside me ... I never felt this way before.

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samaha12 wrote: Man that was a great thing for you to do, keep your kind heart kind.
sabrina wrote: Hey, thats amazing, u just thought of helping someone and ur friend had appeared.Thx for sharing.have a great day!
dancingDog wrote: Kindness really never goes unnoticed and undoubtedly your friends have learned a lot from you! I'm sure you will have another chance to pay someone's fare :=D
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That was very kind of you to offer. Thanks for caring!
butterfly wrote: thank you so much for being caring and thoughtful. you are an angel. am also very glad you experienced such wonderful feeling. love and light , butterfly xx
JuneBug wrote: Kindness came back to you in a hurry! :}
falsemonkeypuzzl wrote: If people only knew how inexpensive it is to buy good feeling!!! The media does its best to convince us it's the price of a new car or fancy clothes...or whatever they want to sell. How subversive this information really would be if people really really understood! Good job!
HollyDazed wrote: I really don't doubt that you WILL receive three times the kindness that you showed, so that will make the three givers just as happy as you are!
humaira wrote: hey its great.. i think you are from hyderabad.. me too.. city center is a cool place.. and thanks for giving lift to the girl and being kind to her thanks for sharing!!! God bless!!
lmil1954 wrote: Thanks for sharing your story of kindness!!! I bet it was as much of a treat for you as it was for her. God bless you! LindaM:)

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