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Forget Technology and Listen

--by wotserface, posted Nov 4, 2008

   Sometimes the best kindness we can offer is to simply listen. They say  talk is cheap, but in a world of technology, it seems that simply listening to someone else's voice, is secondary to the tv or game consuls.

   While the internet is  fantastic  in the way it brings people together, and introduces people all over the world to each other, sometimes to be still, and listen to another voice who needs you to hear them, is the one thing that all these modern day devices can't replace. 
   There are times when a friend, child or relative, needs to share with you tales of their day, or  they simply have a need to voice fears, hopes and dreams.

   Listening is a big part of who we are, not just the talking and doing. It is something special that we take for granted every day without really thinking about it.

   One of the greatest gifts we can bestow, is to be still and just listen!    






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Readers Comments

Elinore wrote: I totally agree because i have listened to people not even realizing how helpful just that small bit of time gave them the opportunity to release so much pain and stress by just telling their story. It doesn't cost anything but a few minutes of our time.
whatthe wrote: I know from experience how your listening is such a great help. You do it so well without any judgment and always making me feel at ease. You know who I am! And you have become my number 1 pal. Thanks. xxx
lovebug wrote: Well said, and you had my full attention.
makesomeonesmile wrote: I agree completely. Listening is very important and one of the kindest gifts you can give someone!
JuneBug wrote: I know when my husband is really listening to me. He turns off the t.v. and looks me in the eye. I always appreciate this. His TOTAL attention. That's important! :}
Raqui wrote: That is very true listening shows you care and giving someone your undivded attention is respect.

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