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A Tribute to You

--by perseverance, posted Nov 8, 2008

Here is to sharing a piece that celebrates you:

"You deserve to be credited for defying the opinions and expectations of many of the people around you. When they said that it couldn't be done, you would not hear. You set your goals on something that only you seemed to see, and you refused to back down until your dream was realized.

The course you chose was demanding and difficult. I saw you in the middle of situations that required both courage and sacrifice in order to achieve the greater end. The scars you've earned are really the marks of a true hero, and I want to let you know how proud I am to know you.

Seeing you set your goal and gather the courage it took to face the disbelief of others, to struggle and forge your way to a new horizon, has been an inspiration to me. Your growth has helped me to face my own challenges.

Thank you for showing those around you how not to ever let go."

- Rita J. Henins, "You Did It"

As others may have let your dream go, only you have the power to let your dream come.


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HiddenGems wrote: I wish i had read this as a young woman as that would have kept me on track of my dreams but it gives me renewed courage. I shall certainly share it with my kids.
lovebug wrote: Thanks, i needed that, infact i think we all needed that
mitu915 wrote: that's so encouraging!!! thank you! :)
makesomeonesmile wrote: This is very nice, thanks for sharing!

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