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A Mother's Patience and Love Offered Her Daugther Many Lessons

--by rebeccakillian, posted Jan 16, 2016
I helped my daughter to become unstuck as she begins the 'teen years' and projects become overwhelming. Our lesson was patience, organization and understanding that it is OK to ask for help.

I can't (won't) "do" the project, but I can help to create an easier journey for her. It's a learning lesson for me as well. It's easy to be reactive when others are struggling. It is easy to celebrate when things go well.  

My hope is that I can help her to see big projects can be broken down into smaller more manageable ones. That we are all here to help each other. I truly enjoyed the smile she had when together we completed part of the project and she could see the light was truly at the end of the tunnel. The project isn't done, but she is no longer stuck in the process. 
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rebeccakillian wrote: Thank you for all the encouragement! - These teen years are going to need a bit extra in the patience department, but I am up for it! :) - cheers
splain wrote: Oh you are a great mum. A nice relationship with your daughter is a wonderful thing to have
alisamom wrote: You are an awesome mom! And in the process she will also learn the value of struggling to accomplish something herself, and the incredible pride she feels when SHE is done with it:)
janetdav wrote: Loved the way you partnered your daughter 's project, am sure she has learnt to move on, without getting stuck. hats off to you, you are a great mom !
mindyjourney wrote: this was difficult for son to learn as well, how to make into smaller tasks in order to finish :).
terre wrote: Great strategy!
melnotes wrote: You are an awesome mum!

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