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Warming up hearts with home made soup

--by Mish, posted Dec 31, 2015
 Made a big pot of homemade soup that filled the house with a wonderful aroma. It was cold here and good day for hot soup.  I have lots left for the coming week and will bring some over to my sweet 80-something next door neighbor tomorrow. Thanks to Waving for sharing the recipe for the split pea with yam soup.

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splain wrote: Hot soup on a cold day and shared with others. So nice
mindyjourney wrote: So glad, but split pea?? ooohhh, sooo green! :)). Nice to share with neighbor.
lamyhill wrote: Yum. Love making good food for friends and family!
terre wrote: mmmm... smells great! And often things that nourish our souls also nourish our bodies.
savraj wrote: So yummy and healthy!
brindlegirl wrote: Homemade soup is soul soup. I bet a whole stack of love was baked into it too ♥
bountiful wrote: oohhh yummi love soup just right at the nippy season too enjoy..must ask waving for the recipe...xx
leoladyc728 wrote: The soup sounds so very good. It was cold in NYC today. I actually wore my winter coat.
AndiCas wrote: Nothing like soup to nourish body and soul

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