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Faith renewed by a stranger's kindness

--by gilbert100, posted Dec 17, 2015
I was on my way home when a man came up to me excited, yelling: "Gil! Gil Gadson!" I said "yes," to which he grabbed me in a bear hug. He stepped back and saw the look of confusion on my face. He proceeded to explain how he knew me.

You see, I work in the field of mental health and substance abuse and often speak at different venues. He said that at one such venue, I had given a speech about the power of gratitude and that it had changed his life. He said we had even talked for awhile after my speech and that my words had made him re-evaluate everything in his life. He continued by sharing that he started appreciating the things he had, stopped feeling sorry for himself and had become pro-active in his life and for others.

He expressed that he had made amends to those he had hurt and opened his eyes to all who had always showed him kindness, mercy and love. He then hugged me again very tightly and with tears in his eyes said that I had changed his life and he'd be forever grateful. We exchanged numbers and information and then he was gone-vowing to stay in touch with me. I did not remember this man but I will definitely call him.

I tell this story because when talking about kindness, it often happens from complete strangers who kindly and freely validate our very existence with just a few words when they are only saying thank you. It is my belief that we as human beings are obligated to help and encourage each other and the more we do it, we create new threads in life that bind us all.  

His kind and uplifting words to me re-invigorated me. You see, I had just come from seeing a friend I had mentored who had relapsed and it had saddened see him suffering and feeling hopeless. To then see another one who had risen and was stronger and happy. I believe a higher power in kindness and love sent him my way to take away the sadness and replace it with conviction, optimism, belief and faith... and it did!!!
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coco_chanel wrote: What a beautiful story! :)
patjos wrote: It’s wonderful, the seeds we sow,
We never know if they will grow.
But we do sow and let then go, rightly so!
singasmile wrote: Thank you so much for your story just what i needed right now to feel uplifted
cabbage wrote: Wow, you make such a huge difference in people's lives. Many many big hugs to you, and i'm so glad you had this affirmation of your work on a day when you needed it! :-) thanks for sharing.
pyronik wrote: yes, what great affirmation to keep making the effort :-) prayers for your friend.
RoseMarie wrote: Thank you for sharing this. How wonderful that he remembered you so fondly. X 💓
mindyjourney wrote: amazing when those kindness ripples ripple on back to us :).
horsegirl21 wrote: wonderful
jsmc10 wrote: wow, how amazing! :)
terre wrote: It's grand when we have the opportunity to really know the positive effect we've had on someone else. As others have said, this will surely inspire you to continue your good work.

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