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Homegrown Kindness

--by cabbage, posted Nov 26, 2008

As I read these stories, one thing strikes me over and over again. That is, an act of kindness can begin right now-- whether it starts in your own backyard, or in your home, or on your driveway, or on your neighbor's doorstep. Often times, we tell ourselves we have to join a community service organization or travel to a developing country to serve. While those are both powerful ways to give, we may get lost in faraway dreams that mostly result in traveling only in our minds but not in our lives, and there is a tendency to run away from what is always right here---the opportunity to give right now.

Instead of jumping out, we can just  jump into the moment!  You don't have to start a "movement" or be a millionaire to reach out to the person across the street. When you are making dinner, you can make a little extra plate to give to a neighbor or friend.  When your lemon tree bears fruit, you can put an extra bag of lemons on your neighbor's doorstep.  When you receive blessings. whether it is in the form of well-wishes, hugs, books, cookies, or extra zucchini bread, you can spread your fortune around to create a celebration of blessings!

Here's an example of some homegrown kindness. My husband loves to garden, cook, and feed people. So, I am grateful to him for instilling in our household the habit of sharing whatever we have cooked or grown as often as we can.  It's so easy to do and it turned our neighbors into friends! :-)

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WitchDust wrote: It's so wonderful to hear stories like yours of neighbors sharing their harvest with one another. My uncle always left a sack of potatoes on our doorstep when he picked one for his family too. Many days we would come home from work & see a bag by the door with his gift from his garden. Thanks for sharing your story! Happy thanksgiving to you & blessings throughout the coming year!
cabbage wrote: Thanks for all the nice comments. In the "long winter season", how about sharing soup or baked goodies?! :-)
AURELIA wrote: YOu are so right! I am pretty good at shariing with my neighbors in the nice weather...but here in NY during the long winter season...I only see a few people at the mailbox now and then. I'm proud of you and your hubby for being so giving all of the time :0) ~Aurelia
JuneBug wrote: Wow! Wish you were my neighbor!!! :}
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: You are very right, thanks for sharing!
wayfarer wrote: Yeah, in principle it's easy to do, but in actuality its a real hard habit to get into - that's why it feels so great when you finally do it!!!
magicalbubbles wrote: Thank you for highlighting how simple it can be to reach out to other people!
sanserif wrote: That's wonderful! God bless you and your husband for inspiring us as well as your family for spreading kindness!
pacots wrote: Great story if only their were more people in the world like you & your husband, it would be a better place.
JuneBug wrote: I can hear Mr. Rogers now singing ''Won't You Be My Neighbor?''

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