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Circle of Support for an Elderly Neighbor

--by falsemonkeypuzzl, posted Nov 14, 2008

A few years ago, I met an older gentleman while I was out walking dogs.  His dog was always out in his front yard so we got to know one another as I would pass by.  At the time, his wife was undergoing dialysis at the end of a lifetime of diabletes and I offered to care for his dog on the days he had to take his wife to the doctor.  That became a regular thing and eventually, when his wife passed away, we had become friends.

This man had no children or close relatives and did not know his neighbors well.  Consequently, the loss of his wife hit him even harder than this kind of tragedy ordinarily would have.  Since my work hours were (and are) very very long, I could only spend a little time with him, so I started talking to his neighbors when I would see them out in their yards, letting them know that his wife had just died and that he was having a hard time.  Within a short time, the neighbors began stopping by his house. 

It is now almost 10 years later, and far from being lonely, this man's home is now sort of a social center of the neighborhood!  A group of 6 women, of which I am one, banded together to be his "support group".  Together, we have kept him going through depression, a hip replacement and several surgeries.  Someone in our group calls him daily,  another walks his dog when he cannot, one drives him whereever he needs to go, someone else brings him food occasionally and together we all make a huge deal out of his birthday and Christmas each year.

This group, and his other neighborhood friends, have helped keep our friend involved in life.  He sends text messages to his friends on his cell phone and has just this week gotten his first computer!  Our arrangement evolved easily and naturally and makes us all very happy.  I wish all older people could have something like this!

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Charles omondi wrote: May the almighty father bless you and members of your group for touching the life of this person am also touched and challenged by this 'shalom'.
makethemsmile wrote: That was a wonderful gesture! May god reward everyone accordingly. I care.
lovebug wrote: Awesome story, it remind me of our pioneering days when people left comfort and decided to open up the west. All envolved formed circles. A band of angels moving in a circle. Awesome.
Deb wrote: What an inspiring story. If you don't mind, i'd like to mention it in my good deed a day blog (www. Gooddeedaday. Wordpress. Com).
kate wrote: Thx for the 'happy' story. I badly needed to read something positive cuz im a bit depressed now with so many things. Ur story really made me smile :)
cabbage wrote: That is just wonderful. Bless you for opening your heart and enabling such a loving circle to enfold this lonely man.

I wish all lonely people could find a kind stranger like you! :-)
Your story is a great example of the power of one person. Smiles and hugs to you!
bobbijo wrote: Lovely story. It is so nice to hear stories with happy endings.

I think having a computer is one of the best things anyone at any age can do to keep in contact with what is happening in the world and meeting people, etc. My mother who is 86 and has alzheimers lives with me and of course my lifestyle has changed. And i don't go out as much as i used to. But having the computer i can be in touch with anyone just about any place in the world. I even do my coaching business from home through the phone and internet. Truly wonderful to be living in the greatest time in history
Where we have some many things that can enhance our lives.

I enjoyed your story and thank you for making a difference.

You are the best
66sunlu wrote: What you have done really makes a difference to the old gentleman.

May god bless you and your family!
Sailesh Mishra wrote: This is an excellent idea.

This need to be promoted.

Silver inning foundation
JuneBug wrote: This is such a cool story! It started with you and made it's way around like a circle! If I decide to grow old, I will be contacting you but I don't plan on doing that for some time since I am allergic to wrinkles....:}

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