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Goodness Everywhere

--by wayfarer, posted Nov 19, 2008

This one isn't a commentary on the words of some great philospher, it's not words of wisdom passed down from bygone generations - it's just the story of my morning so far!

It's a grey, blustery Wednesday morning here on the west of Scotland. A nothing-much kind-of-day. The plan was, I would take the "weans" to school, walk out to the supermarket, pick up a few things, and then my day could begin.

Well the walk to the supermarket takes you, literally, across the forecourt of a Fire Station. As I came up to it I heard sirens. Not fire sirens though.  Two lanes of traffic, car drivers, bus drivers, a truck driver or two, put their journeys on hold and pulled over to the side of the road.  With sirens wailing and blue lights flashing the ambulance tore up the white line in the centre of the road. I caught sight of the focussed, female paramedic behind the wheel and wondered what she was heading into.  As the ambulance flew along the road I wished them Godspeed, then said a silent thank you to the drivers who did their bit in helping whoever needed that help this morning.

On the forecourt by now I turned and looked up at a fully loaded fire engine. The crew on board were obviously about to head out, but perhaps not quite at the speed of the paramedics.  Pure chance had put me between two of our emergency services at that exact moment. The driver nodded and, thinking how much we owed to these people, I smiled and waved back.

Okay, and on with the shopping! Nothing very dramatic there. Except ...  Having picked up everything I needed I made my way to a checkout. There was only one man in the line ahead of me, an elderly gent. The checkout lady was asking after his wife who, apparently, was in the hospital.  "It's worse than that," he said. And although he had his back to me I could hear the tears in his voice.

And now, just to add to it all, he couldn't find the kind of talc she had specially requested.  For the old fellow, who plainly wasn't used to supermarkets, that certain kind of talc, had taken on an importance out of all proportion to the product. I got the impression he thought this might be the last thing he could ever do for his sweetheart  -- and he couldn't find it!

Apologising profusely to me, the checkout lady came out from behind her counter, took the old man by the arm and guided him through the toiletries section until he found what he wanted for his wife.  Rushing back she said, "I'm sorry about that. I'd get fired if they knew I'd left a customer waiting. We're not supposed to do that. I hope you don't mind."

Mind? Mind? I was touched and honoured.  I made sure I sought out the checkout supervisor before I left and told them what a gem they had working for them. Rather than being fired, I suggested they give her a raise!

This was supposed to have been a little walk before my day began for real. But that forty-five minute period at the beginning of a nothing-much kind-of-day taught me something. We make a big noise about the bad and the evil, but look around ... there is goodness everywhere!

Okay, now I'm at my desk and my day is about to begin for real. But how can I top that???

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Patience wrote: How true! In reaching for the stars, we forget the flowers at our feet. If you look for good, then you will find it everywhere. Thanks for your thought provoking story. God Bless!
dizzy50dianne wrote: I loved this story. A perfect reminder of the "angels" unawares that we encounter EVERYday if we just adjust our vision. May God continue to bless you with miracles of kindness.
teeter wrote: What a beautiful story of life. I work with the elderly each day, I understand why this Older gentleman wanted to get "that special" item for his wife. It's what I see so often with our older generation, 80's-90's, it truly may be the "last" special item they can get for their lovely wife or husband. Let's all looked at each moment as if it's our last, we don't know when that'll be only God knows. Smile at someone you don't know today. Make their day.
jaydeebug wrote: You just made my day! I actually got your story from a site called Daily Good and as I started to read, I knew it was you even though they didn't give your name...Wayfarer, you have a lovely way at seeing the world around you and for sharing with the rest of us. Thanks for being you!
EePee wrote: THANK YOU for sharing such a wonderful experience.

Your articulate way with words are MEGA IMPRESSIVE!
lmil1954 wrote: I don't suppose you can! Your day thus far has been the beginning of a journey into a new day in which you can (and will)find enormous amounts of good because you choose to look. Thanks for your open eyes of wonder and for sharing this tale with us. What a nice way to start MY day as it is now 6:39am over here and Im gonna be looking for all the good as well. Linda:)
AURELIA wrote: Ahhh...yes we are lucky to have these angels with us. And it's wonderful of you to remind us to look for them and appreciate everything they do, big or small. :0) ~Aurelia
JuneBug wrote: wayfarer, your story brought tears to my eyes! Makes me wonder if ''top of the morning'' means just that???
Tigerlily wrote: Oh Wow. I'm left speechless (not an easy task.) That is so ....
amazing. Thank you for sharing.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: I would have to say it IS from a great philospher--our own wayfarer! Thanks for sharing. You have such a way with words!

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