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Fast for Change

--by bluqtgyrl, posted Dec 15, 2008

Here's a different way to look at time:

A child dies from starvation every 6 seconds which is the equivalent of 10 children an hour, which computes to 240 lives a day. The club I'm in at school hosted a 30-Hour Famine fundraiser to help feed starving children in poverty-stricken countries. $1 helps feed a child for a day. $30 helps care for a child for a month! My fellow peers and I decided to honor this time not only through our pockets but also through ourselves by fasting for change. As we sat together in solidarity, with empty plates and unused plastic forks and cups spread on the tablecloth before us,  we offered one of those 30 hours to silence. It was a silence dedicated to the young we have lost and to those 852 million youth we have yet to save. 

And if this 852 came up to you, how many seconds would it take for you to decide what you would do?


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Larry wrote: I commend you on your caring and sharing. I try to buy food, clothing, etc when i find the need; however, i try to keep this to help the people in my community, my city, state and country. I was taught that charity begins at home. We have many homeless here - why do so many of us give our money to folks in far away lands when we could try to help our own?
AURELIA wrote: My daughter does this also. The group raised 10,000 dollars!!! Good for you to do this. It's a great cause. You will really learn a lot. Good Luck and thank you for caring. ~Aurelia
Jimpa wrote: I am glad that young people are involved in this worthy endeavor congratulations. According to the U.N. reports, 40,000 children a day die from starvation world wide. We can not evolve as a species until every child goes to bed with a full stomach.

Many Blessings,
makesomeonesmile wrote: Thanks for caring and trying to help raise money for a great cause!
Tigerlily wrote: Good for you sweetie! Blessings to you.

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