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Grocery store kindess

--by cemacnab, posted Dec 18, 2015
Today, I was at the grocery store buying a few items when the lady in front of me couldn't find the change to complete her bill and was short 78 cents. She was all frazzled trying to find change to finish paying.

I then gave her a dollar to finish paying her bill. She was so grateful she kind of just stared at me surprised. She thanked me over and over again and apologized for not having the extra 78 cents. I told her not to worry about it and really it was only a dollar.

She kept smiling and thanking me for the littlest act of kindness and it felt really nice to help her out in a little way to keep her day running smoothly

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alliej4267 wrote: Sometimes even the smallest acts can brighten someones day! Nice job! Thanks!
splain wrote: That was a very kind thing you did for her.
RoseMarie wrote: Thank you for your spontaneous kindness. I always say it's the little things x 💓
terre wrote:
Wonderful random act of kindness!
AndiCas wrote: Thankyou Christina, that lady must have appreciated your kindness far beyond the dollar.
pluto178 wrote: I think I have a condition now were I am actually hoping someone tries to put something back or doesn't have enough to pay.................golly saying it out loud makes me realise I have to stop but I do love to step in and be their hero. x lol
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for being open to the kindness opp and doing it! Blessings.

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