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A Mindful Moment Changed Her

--by mariefrancealexa, posted Aug 15, 2016
The knowledge that everyone is really doing the best they can even though my judgmental mind may try to tell me something else. I usually don't have any idea what a person has gone through or what challenges they may be facing in life.

Even if they are grumpy or angry I try as much as possible to offer them kindness, at least silently.

One day on a busy street, with challenging parking, a woman came out very angry and appeared afraid that I was going to park too close to her driveway. My natural impulse was to respond in kind, but I was able just to take a mindful moment and wish her a lovely day and assure her that I would not block her driveway.

I felt so much better than if I had spewed back negativity.
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Brindlegirl wrote: This post is so perfect. Thank you xox
leoladyc728 wrote: It is so easy to go negative. You did a great job of being nice.
jsmc10 wrote: Well done for going positive! This can be a hard job to do at times :)
bountiful wrote: great composure and strength...powerful gift of letting go, and smile ::))
splain wrote: You did well
savraj wrote: Great job! It's not easy to do when someone yells at you
mish wrote: You were beautifully PROACTIVE instead of reactive. Always the way. Well done!!!

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