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Pay It Forward Coffee (Video!)

--by Sridevi, posted Nov 18, 2008

Just saw this on CNN today:

Perhaps all our collective good karma is impacting the world after all! Keep spreading the goodness, friends.

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iferlamb wrote: Oh how awesome! I'd love to think it is from all the little ripples we put out there!

Smiles to all of you and keep spreading them. It's working!
simplieme wrote: When i first come across this page i was looking for pay it forward cards for that reason. I go to timmys every morning. Every morning for the past 3 months i buy the person coffee behind me. I notice i keep the positive energy all day. A few times iv got my card back : )
Maumauc wrote: Even strangers in bmw's need a smile passed to them through kind thoughts and acts. To pass it on to everyone in any situation, that is the gift that brings joy to us in return. Keep giving from the heart, inspiring others through words and deeds, and posting here to encourage us all. Thank you sridevi.
<3 starbucks wrote: Ias much as i would love for some one to pay for my star bucks i agree with "its a mystery" funny name btw
It's a Mystery wrote: It's just a star bucks i think people should spend that money on something other than an over priced coffee drimk like toys for tots or salvation army. But i thimk the whole grocery stoere giving was a great idea!
WorldCitizen wrote: Dear beloved siblings! :)

Very inspiring story. We forgive but not forget.

I'm not trying to be a downer, i'm trying to brake with the corporate paradigm and for that we need to tell our story and brake the isolation.

The kindness revolution goes way beyond a latte as brother tom f. Wrote.

We forgive but not forget. And what i mean is that there are many more siblings "pitching in" for that latte:

See: the people vs starbucks.

Http://www. Newint. Org/features/special/2008/04/01/starbucks/

Let there be solidarity among the peoples of the earth, and yes! We can! ;)
oodles wrote: That is incredible! This is one of the best ways to show love to a complete stranger. Tomorrow i will now go buy some one coffee!
lovebug wrote: This does not surprise me at all. For me it has always been the stranger who has been the kindest to me. So i seek to be that stranger.
Tom F. wrote: A request for my fellow starbucks patrons: the next time you are in the drive-through when a feeling of philanthropy hits please don't buy a latte for the bmw driver behind you. Consider dropping the five dollars in the salvation army kettle or picking out something nice for toys for tots. You may not get to see the recipient of your generosity but it won't go unappreciated.
Jenn wrote: I do this all this time. At least every third or fourth time i go through the drive thru for coffee. I had no idea it was such a big deal. Cnn?

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