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An Unlikely Buddha

--by funtherapist, posted Nov 20, 2008

My brother, Patrick is undergoing surgery to give a friend 2/3 of his liver in a live donor program at the University of Minnesota. 

I have a great deal of admiration for him and yet he takes it as, "Just something I am doing for a friend who would die without it."  He is an unlikely Buddha -- Harley riding tatted up and always the rebel -- and he was a perfect match. 

I love you Pat and admire you more than you know.  Pray for his safety.

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funtherapist wrote: Thank you for your praysers! Surgery went perfectly and both are recovering nicely. What a miracle!
Ronni wrote: Pat is a very special person. My cousin need a kidney, and was lucky his own brother was able and willing to give him one. Pat and the person he is helping will be in my prayers. I send them postive thoughts!
WitchDust wrote: Many blessings will surely come his way for sharing the gift of life! Thank you also for sharing such a touching story with us. Happy thanksgiving & wow, does your brother ever give! :)
falsemonkeypuzzl wrote: I absolutely will. I salute his tremendous generosity and courage!
Tigerlily wrote: Oh. Yes, How wonderful. I will pray for him. That is a true friend.
JuneBug wrote: What a gift!!!! A true friend! I will pray also! :}
makesomeonesmile wrote: That is so very unselfish. I will certainly pray for him!
AURELIA wrote: The gift of life...I will keep all involved in my prayers. My sister had a liver transplant 3 years ago. None of the family members had the correct match, so she came near death before she was high enough on the list to receive one from the list. Thank Goodness for people who donate or I wouldn't have my lovely sister today.
Thank you for making us aware of the importance of donating. ~Aurelia :0)
lmil1954 wrote: Than ks for sharing the story. Pat is truly courageous, a good friend and you are a wonderful brother! LindaM:)
theresa wrote: what a good friend he is.. hope everything goes well

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