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A cup of coffee and kindness to keep illness at bay

--by foodbankcarlisa, posted Dec 28, 2015
One morning while enjoying breakfast in my favorite restaurant two women came in and sat in the booth behind me. I overheard them talking about just leaving the pharmacy.

One of them went on to say how bad she was feeling and she didn't know when she was going to be feeling any better since there was no way she could get her prescription filled because she didn't have the money. 

I listened to them try to think of someway they could get the money. As I listened I learned the medicine cost $29. I called the waitress over and asked her to give the women $35 anonymously. Enough for the medicine and their coffee.
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Diane O'Neill wrote: I love this. You did it anonymously x
kalaa wrote: What a beautiful and compassionate thing to do. We need more people like you. Have a blessed new year
Brindlegirl wrote: Awesome! You are a kindness machine ♡
burns wrote: Yes, so very inspiring. Your very kind act makes us all want to do more.
savraj wrote: You are so kind and generous!
horsegirl21 wrote: wonderful
terre wrote: Sometimes eavesdropping can be kind! You've proven it. Thank you.
lt33 wrote: Aww so sweet of u to help out now that lady will feel so much better you were meant to go to that certain restraint that day that lady was sat behind u so her angel can help her out 💊💲
kindmyst wrote: That is one heck of a generous act.
leoladyc728 wrote: Wow! you are so very sweet.

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