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Children showing the way

--by cchibe, posted Jan 5, 2016
When I was out with my family, I saw a homeless man and I decided to give him $5. I am hoping that he could get something good for himself with that money. I could tell that he was very thankful and he said "God bless you and your family" it made me happy seeing the big smile that man had on his face. Also, my parents were happy that I did a good thing for someone less fortunate! 
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James Stavig wrote: Good read. Very nice thing to do!
melnotes wrote: Wonderful :)
mish wrote: Bless you for being a kind person ❤️
AndiCas wrote: Very kind
pluto178 wrote: Good for you and for him..........marvellous x
splain wrote: Very kind
horsegirl21 wrote: nice
terre wrote: Thank you for your generosity!
foodbankcarlisa wrote: It's always feels good to help others...keep up the good work.
leoladyc728 wrote: you did something very good.

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