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Remembering Each Person's Special Day

--by Weedymom, posted Jan 22, 2016
I make a birthday cake for every person in our school, from the janitors to our head of school. We work in an international school in China, and many of us are a very long way from home. There are almost 60 people that work here. Good thing their birthdays are spread out throughout the year! :-)

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DANCE wrote: So very kind of you!
splain wrote: I love what you are doing. You must be great at making cakes by now. Even if it isn't your birthday, Happy Birthday for many years to come
Mish wrote: You are the "kindness cake baker extraordinaire"!! Bless you x
Savraj wrote: This is so wonderful of you to take the time to make everyone's birthday special!
kjoyw wrote: What a great kindness! Everyone likes a birthday cake on their birthday, or some sort of special treat in their honor. My Mom always liked an peach pie for her birthday!
mindyjourney wrote: that is a HUGE act of kindness and giving of self. thank you :)
pyronik wrote: Thank you, that's so thoughtful :-)

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