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YOU Are The Gift

--by debbe530, posted Jan 9, 2016
I am checking into my underground penthouse a.k.a cave until my six week follow up with the neurosurgeon. I have some sort of flu and the nerve pain has increased significantly. I'm not feeling like a happy camper. So I will leave you with this from 'The Joy Team' out of Vancouver WA. I'm not sure where this billboard is but I should track it down. Thank you ALL for being such gifts in my life - even when I am not here. xoxoxo

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paolagast wrote: Here's tia speedy recovery debbe!
vitalreiki wrote: Sending you much healing energy, my young Debbe grasshopper xx
splain wrote: Have a warm, loving , blessed, healing time in your cave for the next six weeks. I will be thinking of you. Big hugs to you
savraj wrote: Hugs and smiles to you! Thankyou for you!
AndiCas wrote: I hope your cave is equipped with cozy blankets, hot teas and plenty of reading material to help you heal. Remember, YOU are the gift.
Annabella wrote: Take care darling Debbe <3
kjoyw wrote: And you, Debbe, are a true gift to us! Many blessings to you!
mindyjourney wrote: blessings of much love and healing, my friend <3.

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