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Sister Clare's A+ Kindess in Trigonometry

--by bucklandmike, posted Dec 22, 2015
There was a wonderful nun when I was a junior in high school. Her name was Sr. Clare Lentz. I often wonder what she would be doing today. She is probably only ten or so years older than I am!

She was a very kind person. Her kindness has always stayed with me. Here is what happened. I was in her trigonometry class. I was not a stellar student because I was not that interested in working too hard, but I did get B's and Cs and would have been mortified to fail anything.

I failed one of the trigonometry tests. Really failed - a 30% or something worse. She had just passed the papers back and walked by me, smiled and whispered quietly - "Don't worry - you just mixed up sine and cosine - no big deal. You will do fine next time." That made me feel so much better! 

I have always remembered that and figure if kindness is my goal, my moral compass should be on track. 
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spiderwoman1953 wrote: This was an important concept
splain wrote: She was a lovely teacher. lovely share
pluto178 wrote: Providence is at the core of Sister Clare or so google tells me... what a great teacher she was we all remember the ones who inspires us onto better things never the ones who shouted. x
mindyjourney wrote: Amazing how such a remark will stay with us, offering comfort and guidance. blessings to Sr. Claire and to you, my friend.
lindariebel wrote: I hope I have dropped casual encouragements as gracefully as she did.
terre wrote: How great that she told you that right away so you didn't worry too much about the grade. Your kindness here on KS is evident so I believe your moral compass is on track, too.
janetdav wrote: that so nice to hear, thanks for sharing !

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