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Cultivating Generosity

--by brindlegirl, posted Dec 24, 2015
I gave a man $10 today. I don't normally do this as to me $10 is a fair bit of money, plus it's a note and not just 'loose change'. But I gave it. Whether it was the right thing to do or not I don't know.  I feel it was. 

A man approached me asking for $2 for some milk. He assured me it wasn't for drugs. "Yay" I thought, as I don't have any coins on me so I have an excuse to say "no". So I did. I explained I only had a $10 note. He said that would be fine and he would swap me his change for my note.

I thought: Totally an unfair deal! Then I realized it perhaps wasn't for milk when he held out his hand with $4.40 change in coins. Which is more than enough for a carton of milk. But I did it. I swapped him.

I asked myself: What does it matter what its for anyway? A man was in need for whatever reason, and he came to me. Could I say no? No. No, because if that were me, me walking the streets, I would hope someone would show me the same kindness and love I did to him.

I thank God that I am so blessed that I have money and a job which allows me to give ♡

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splain wrote: I understand this so well. If the money if for cigarettes or drink, most people won't give. I feel if this is what they need to get them through the day, so be it. your kindness to this man is lovely. you didn't judge but just gave. Very lovely of you.
KindMyst wrote: You most definitely cultivated generosity. And that creates good feelings both ways.
TC wrote: Beautiful giving heart.
AndiCas wrote: I wouldn't like other people judging how I choose to spend my money, although I'm certain they'd have different priorities to me. So it's only fair to try not to do the same.
rebeccakillian wrote: very kind - maybe he needed more than just milk :) - I am sure you helped and it was well received may you not only be rewarded knowing you made a difference, but may additional kindness come your way
rganeden2u wrote: That was very kind of you.
pyronik wrote: maybe the change was for cereal to go under the milk?
pyronik wrote: thank you for your kindness, & yes, I hope to never be in his situation. Neat picture :-)
savraj wrote: Beautiful perspective
leoladyc728 wrote: You did a great thing. We don't know what this person needed.

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