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The change inside that brings joy!

--by shardagandhi2002, posted Dec 29, 2015
Today I was in a generous mood. I handed over a  good sum of money to the some people who are in great need. Its very difficult for me to part with cash. I experience a lot of fear and insecure feeling. I believe I do not have enough for myself. I reached deep within myself to give out the amount.

I could hear my heart beat and fear rising.  But when I looked up to give and saw the joy on the peoples faces it wiped my insecure feeling. I FELT SO PROUD of myself. I patted myself on the back and called myself a brave girl. 

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burns wrote: I know we all learned more about our own fears when you were so open in telling us about yours. Thanks so much!
patjos wrote: Well done to you! It isn't easy to face our own fears. I too experience a lot of anxiety, silly as it is, for even telling myself well done, or patting myself on the back, as a part of me often puts me down still - but am working on it! :-)
Have a great day being awesome!
shardagandhi2002 wrote: There are so many points of view and each seems to be apt and encouraging. I am irregular in doing my challenges. Sometimes I manage to write immediately and sometimes I have not been able to connect. I do not know at that time the connection of my challenges. Hope to continue. Lots of love to each one.
AndiCas wrote: Well done you!
splain wrote: Good on you for facing your fear and doing it anyway.
candice202 wrote: When you give so much more comes back to you! Inspiring!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your bravery and giving :)
savraj wrote: Oh wow you are such a brave and loving soul! Bravo to you!
leoladyc728 wrote: giving keeps the flow going

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