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It Started At A Bagel Shop

--by JZ, posted Nov 27, 2008

On a recent Sunday morning, my daughter and I went the the local bagel shop for a treat. Upon leaving, we saw a wallet on the ground. I picked it up, and figured out how to contact the owner. My daughter wondered if we’d get a reward, and I said it was just right to return the wallet and that we shouldn’t return it expecting a reward. We returned the wallet, and the person was grateful, leaving a wonderful halloween pumpkin on our porch.

Only 5 days later, I took a business trip and had a very pleasant cab ride with a cab rider whose home country is very distant from ours. We talked of our cultures, sharing our common experiences in our different worlds. We talked of how difficult being a cab driver has become with the slowing economy. I tipped more than usual, just seemed like the right thing to do with a bad economy in a tough business like the cab business. I guess the cab ride was too interesting-I left my cell phone in the cab.He called my home within a couple of hours, offering to send me the phone, then realizing that he had a friend coming to my town, said he’d send it with his friend.

His friend and I met, and I got my phone back.  I can’t say there is cause and effect at work here, but I also can’t say there isn’t. I find that I remember the acts of kindness that I saw as a child anytime I am in a position to render similar service, or have a such kindness rendered to me. My mom being rescued when she was having car trouble, my dad helping someone whose car broke down at night. We all benefit from even the simplest acts of compassion and caring.
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jess wrote: It's a warm little story.
Terra wrote: I love when the comes around goes around works fast!
Doodelbuns wrote: Seems like honesty is alive and kicking
Thank you for upkeeping morals and ethics
Angela wrote: What goes around comes around. Isn't is nice when it's something good? You showed kindness and set a good example for your daughter at the same time.
solution wrote: Truly touching! Everybody can remember the own experience while reading this!
WitchDust wrote: What a wonderful story of caring, sharing & it coming back full circle! Many blessings to you for the coming holiday season!
smithcomputer wrote: This is just a small example of "what you do for others is returned back to you" we would all benefit to remember this.
blizz96 wrote: Thats a nice story. It shows that there are still nice humans in this cruel world. Help others. Org was a great idea. It brings a sense of hope. This story shows how karma works.
Smitha wrote: Life becomes so beautiful when you are either the giver or receiver. I am sure your little girl too would have learnt from your acts of helping others. God bless,
cabbage wrote: It's a big circle of giving.

And you're right--we always remember
Those acts of compassion and know
What to do when we're faced with similar situations. Good for you!

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