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Unexpectedly, Helping Prisoners

--by sabrina, posted Dec 16, 2008

   A friend of mine is a priest of a church in the United Kingdom.  We exchange emails regularly and chat whenever possible. I am learning a lot from him about spirituality and life.
   He feels i am compassionate and caring. He visits prisoners regularly and a month ago hit upon an idea of me writing to these prisoners to make them feel better about life and their situations. would email my friend and he would read it to them. Today he has taken my  first letter with him.
   Well,  I would like to thank all of you because I have used some of your words and stories.  I will be writing about one topic for each visit. So please feel free to give me suggestions. 

Cheers  :-)

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wayfarer wrote: If I write anything worth passing on - then pass it on! I'm sure these guys welcome anything new. Good on you!

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