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Love Letters Around Town

--by Rippleffect, posted Dec 26, 2015
A few months ago I watched a KarmaTube video about a mother who takes her children out in their community. They joyfully run around and distribute love notes in different neighborhoods. Loved the video!

About an hour later I had to go out and I left my car parked in a parking lot. When I returned there was a note that said "I love you!" on my windshield. It was written in red crayon by a young child. I just couldn't believe the coincidence. I am a teacher for grades one and two, so I thought of a way to pay it forward.

My class watched the love letter video and then made wonderful notes. The children scurried around the school hiding their love notes. They were so joyful. I still find these notes throughout our school and it brings a smile to my face. Our next job is to send love letters to the world! Love you xo
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Wendy Dunnett-Dagg wrote: What a wonderful action, great for recipients and showing young ones the joy of kindness.
paolagast wrote: What a beautiful idea! I think it is very important to teach kids to show love and do acts of kindness; we often forget how a simple smile or word can change someone's day, or even their life! I have read stories about people going to take their own life, and at that same moment,? A kind stranger said or did something that changed their mi d. We can never underestimate the power of a kind word or act! Thank you for sharing!
melnotes wrote: How wonderful :)
lt33 wrote: That's so sweet 💜💕
terre wrote: Thank you for sharing with both your students and with us!
pyronik wrote: :-) how wonderful - thank you. So glad the youngsters enjoyed it too!
mish wrote: Awesome synchronicity. Wow.
sandyremillar wrote: wonderful!!! the ripple of love and kindness.....
Novice50 wrote: I love this idea, going to try it at our school! Thanks for sharing.

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