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Learning Generosity at a Young Age

--by PayingForward, posted Dec 13, 2008

   On about her 7th or 8th birthday, my daughter said that she wanted to have her friends do a scavenger hunt/food collection as part of her birthday party. She wanted to give the food to a food pantry to feed homeless and hungry people. So, during the party the little girls went out in our neighborhood on their mission and came back with bags and bags of food that we took to our local food pantry. I remember being so proud of her for being generous, kind and caring.

   Fast forward to now. My daughter recently turned 21. She is a college student attending university in Tennessee. After church each Sunday she and her boyfriend volunteer with their church to provide meals for homeless people in a park near the church. Recently they also started a feeding ministry where they deliver food boxes to under-resourced people in subsidized housing the last Saturday of each month because by then all of their money is gone and they will not receive a check until the following week.  She has also applied for an internship to work this summer with an organization that helps connect homeless/under-resourced people in Boston with services they need.

   God gave my daughter a passion for helping others.  Who knows, maybe it all started with that birthday party. :)

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nidhi wrote: God bless thier ministry,love:)
Michelle wrote: There is a fabulous children's book out called other people's shoes that teaches children the value of kindess. It is a great story, and parent's will love it because it teaches kids something so crucial. You should check it out! Here is a link:
Www. Eloquentbooks. Com/otherpeoplesshoes. Html
molly273 wrote: I'm sure it started by an example set at home! What a kind girl!
Tigerlily wrote: Oh that is beautiful.. I got chills as I read this. What a special and wonderful daughter.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: How wonderful. You must be so proud. I'm sure God is!
jaydeebug wrote: Your daughter has a servants heart! what an extraordinary young lady...I know you are proud.
AURELIA wrote: To be the Greatest, be a servant. Matthew 23:11 I think you daughter is on her way to being the GREATEST :o) I think she is WONDERFUL~ Aurelia

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