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Enjoy The Gap

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Dec 27, 2008



I was reminded today while sharing my heart with a dear friend how moving silence can be.

In today's world, people often feel they have to talk. My conversation today, as well as a few stories I have read on this site, reminded me that it is also good to sometimes not talk. Words can be great but some of my favorite conversations are those done by the heart, not the mouth.

Silence gives words or feelings a chance to penetrate the heart and soul. The gap of silence, however tiny, allows us to reach each other in different ways, whether it be meeting through our eyes, through our touch, or through our smiles.

A warm embrace that comforts and often speaks affectionately to another louder than words or the simple presence of being around a friend's loving heart can reach and heal the heart of another.

Yet what I like most about silence is that it lets the heart talk without being interrupted.

Approach life differently the next time you encounter silence with someone. Instead of feeling awkward, stop for a second, and enjoy that moment, by feeling life in that space. You never know what you might hear that you otherwise could have missed!

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luckyman wrote: Be still and know that i am god ( holy bible) sometimes your silent presence is lot more helpful than well meaning comforting words to a person who is hurting or grieving. Do always what believe to be right!
hotcocoa wrote: You are so right.

Silence cna be way moe touching than words and there isn't always need to talk.

Thanks for your words of wisdom and for sharing them :)
God bless, have a nice life.
molly273 wrote: And I talk too much! ha ha
This is a nice reflection. It is very true, as well. Thanks for posting.
Tigerlily wrote: I think you might have some keen insight here. Silence speaks volumes sometimes. Thank you for sharing and reminding me. :) (You made me smile again.)
liztree wrote: MSS - It is not always easy for me to be in stillness. I'm one of those "solution" people :). Thanks for the reminder on the value of just being present.
lovebug wrote: Well said, silence does indeed speak volumes, it is also golden
cabbage wrote: Thank you for the reminder....I experienced the same during my "voice-less" few days of laryngitis and realized how important it is to be still at times.
JuneBug wrote: Yesterday I was in a mood to where I didn't want to talk to anyone. I let the phone ring and if they left a message, I would call them back. Nobody did and everybody survived without me Sometimes we just need ''time out' to go back in the ring a bit stronger. I have my boxing gloves on and ate my spinach...Watch out world!! :}

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