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I Have a Secret

--by Tigerlily, posted Jan 8, 2009

Psst....I have a secret.

I have a positively powerful secret that I want to share.  If you look deep into my heart, you can see how you have touched my life.  Can you see me changing?  Have you noticed my new countenance?  Perhaps you have sensed the smile that has been placed not only in my heart but also on my lips. 

When you said the right thing or encouraged me, it made a difference. When you shared my pain or agreed with one of my thoughts, you lifted me up.  When you gave me a new perspective, it was welcomed. 

Did you know that I am a better person because of your presence in my life?  Did you know that I have learned from your pain that you were thoughtful enough to share?  Did you know that  your insight has heightened my own? 

My secret is this: when you share,  it shows how much you care.  Okay, now you can tell this secret to the world.

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Readers Comments

Mish wrote: Lovely share...someone suggested we read this today in the updates& I am glad they did!!!
pray4peace wrote: Oh thats a new way to look at it all! Now I realise that sharing was so useful and why this site is among my most favourites.
princessliz wrote: While reading this, I remembered all the people that contributed positively to my life. I hope that my actions can have someone think the same of me :)
princessliz wrote: I shall tell your secret! :)
stars24 wrote: Thank you for sharing your secret! It's beautiful!
rachaelmbabazi wrote: this is lovely be blessed
RMB333 wrote: It's a beautiful secret! Now a MORE beautiful secretive ACTION! Thank you and Bless you!
veenaraman wrote: Beautiful lines.......thank you Tigerlily!
starbrite wrote: Such a beautiful post Tigerlily. I think we all agree with you that the world is a kinder and gentler place with everybody from showing kindnes and love everyday
rosyxx wrote: Thank you for sharing sweety xoxo

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