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The Gift of Each Day

--by Mish, posted Jan 7, 2016
I am grateful for the gift of each new day. The opportunities to share kindness and love with others. Grateful for the lessons learned and truths shared.

I was able to share several large salads and a big pot of soup that I made with friends and neighbors . I received the gift of friendship and warm hospitality. I learned more about how to communicate with authenticity when dealing with "uncomfortable" situations. Loving resolution was afforded by speaking my truth with kindness.

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kjoyw wrote: So wonderful - gifts of good food, friendship, hospitality, growing in authenticity, and learning how to kindly speak your truth! Wow, what a great day! Blessings, Kate
splain wrote: I loved you saying, "Learning more about how to communicate with authenticity when dealing with "uncomfortable situations".This is a real big step.
mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful gift of today :)). Tx for sharing soup kindness!
terre wrote: Definitely a wonderful day! Well done!
vitalreiki wrote: Deja vu every day x
melnotes wrote: I love these words and your post Mish :) My mantra today was "Today was good, today was fun, tomorrow is another one" Dr Seuss
pluto178 wrote: Glad your day went well and yes each day is new and fresh x
Rippleffect wrote: I am just looking at a sign in my room which says.. "Every day is a gift.. It was given to me by Victoria who passed away from ovarian cancer. I will live my life to the fullest for her and everyone I know who no longer has this amazing experience of life.
kmbhai wrote: great act .....

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