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Coffee Shop Kindness

--by hobbes, posted Jan 18, 2016
I make small handicrafts at home. The other day I put together a small token piece and a handwritten card with a message of prayers and good wishes along with a SMILE card.

Then I went to a nearby coffee shop and dropped the packet at the counter asking them to give it to any customer sitting alone. I don't know who got it but the person is constantly in my prayers. And I know I made the service team at the counter smile in excitement. Feeling happy.
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Varinder wrote: I would love that too :)!
jemimainjapan wrote: What a kind act! :)
splain wrote: You would have made their day and also given them some Christmas cheer. So lovely of you
AndiCas wrote: What a brilliant thing to do. I bet the counter staff really enjoyed handing it out too.
balou wrote: beautiful idea!
mindyjourney wrote: Wha a kind thing to do, my friend! Blessings to you and to the recipient of your gift.
lya348 wrote: A wonderful thing to do and sure it made someone's day!
lt33 wrote: Aww that's sweet it used to be hard for me to sit by myself eating lunch during my break from work but now I welcome it lol I luv reflecting on time I have
Mish wrote: Beautiful thing!!
terre wrote: Ooh! A secret gift! Lovely.

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