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Possibilities on a tough street

--by splain, posted Jan 19, 2016

Late last night Stewart and I got all the Christmas cards we have written. They say "Merry Christmas from a neighbor". We put these in a street that is not a very happy place. A lot of problems on this street. We decided to put one in each mailbox. I am hoping that this will bring a little peace, happiness and joy to some of these people. We could also be starting world war 3. But I live in hope. Not for war!!! But for perhaps a reaching hand to each other.
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DANCE wrote: Love what you did, will try to remember and something similar next year
Karen wrote: Very nice:)xxxxoooo
leoladyc728 wrote: great giving. hope it all turns out ok.
terre wrote: So happy you are reaching out to neighbours! Well done!
alisamom wrote: Great peace making mission, let's hope for the best
AndiCas wrote: I think it's a lovely gesture, and one which I'm sure will be appreciated. Sadly I fear that WW3 is already underway but I'm pretty sure that you and Stewart are not to blame for that one.
splain wrote: God I hope I am not to blame for WW3. Now you have me worried (:-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Andrea
mindyjourney wrote: I am envisioning peace with every breath, my friend. thank you for your dear special "peace" delivery <3. so makes me smile with joy! blessings, to you and your dear Stewart!
patjos wrote: Wow! that's BIG love! thank you.

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