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A Cup of Kindness

--by nila, posted Dec 20, 2008

   They have introduced a coupon system in my workplace for coffee where we have to produce a coupon to get coffee. And we must collect the coupon booklet from admin people on the first of every month.

   Yesterday i went to collect the coupon from our cafeteria on the 9th floor and then went to 2nd floor where the coffee machine is to grab a quick cup of coffee before starting my day at work. As i was waiting for the lift after getting the coffee I saw a senior person about the age of 50 being informed by the attendant that he could not have coffee without the coupon. And he had to go to the 9th floor to get the coupon and then come down again for coffee. But then it would be late for him to start his work since we have strict reporting time in our office. Now I didn't know that person sine we have many projects and he could have been from any project. I hesistated for a while to approach an unknown person but as he started to leave saying he wouldn't have enough time to have a cup of coffee, I went up to him and asked him to use a coupon from my booklet. He was surprised for a while but then accepted it and went again to have coffee and we left together to our respective floors chatting all the way. I wish I had my smile card with me but I didn't have one handy. I know it was a very small act but it helped me make a new friend. 

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LOAS wrote: You know why i love this story? It's because this is the kind of thing that everybody can do! Thank you for doing it and sharing it with us. :)
tressyanne wrote: doesnt it make you feel so good. you did a good thing. you know he felt good all day because of your kindness.
JuneBug wrote: Senior citizen at the age of fifty???? Woah!!! MAN!You make me feel OLD!!!! I was told life begins at fifty!!! Fifty is todays 30!!! Evidently you must be VERY young...I forgive you! :}
nila wrote: oh..Junebug..I m really sorry, I didnt mean to sound like that. In our country its like that...what i meant to say was he was much older than me.
AURELIA wrote: What a perfect surprise for him!!! You are so sweet to share like that. I am with, I'm a Senior!!! Yikes, don't tell my husband that, he may trade me in for new and improved model :0) HA HA HA ~Aurelia

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