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Pushing lost carts back home

--by lindariebel, posted
Yesterday I was walking to my local Safeway and found one of their carts on the sidewalk about three blocks away. I pushed it back to the store -- not easy, since one wheel was blocked (unsuccessful attempt by the store to prevent theft). Saw a policeman filling his gas tank and told him, in case he was wondering, and also told a store clerk, who was grateful. Even the big chain stores appreciate and need honest folks!

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Horse-friend wrote: January 1st, 2016 you posted about bringing grocery Card Back to the Store. What a nice , Kind act. So nice to Share it with us, too.
rickhiker wrote: I am a kindred soul with you. The few who don't respect others, i wonder about. But maybe they are here to help us understand more powerfully how important it is to watch out for others. Thank you, my like minded friend.
lt33 wrote: Yes its very helpful what u did cause I filled on one day as a cart pusher & got to see thru their eyes what they deal with bad cold weather sometimes freezing or rainy people not appreciating them at all looking down at them cause I've had customers leave carts right by the corrol too more steps it would only be its not an easy job especially when the machine is broke down & you have to push several by hand
kjoyw wrote: Yes, they do! The whole world needs more honesty. Well done, you!
savraj wrote: Very kind of you!!
mindyjourney wrote: that was a long way to push that cart with the boggy wheel :). thank you!
melnotes wrote: Thank you for your kindness :)

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