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Kindness of a little girl

--by brindlegirl, posted Jan 20, 2016
Tonight at work a little girl at dinner started chatting to me excitingly. She showed me her new shoes, dress, and her most favourite ... two big shiny sparkling dress rings.

I told her much I loved them and how beautiful she looked. Later during my shift she called me over to her table and begun pulling off one of her rings. Once she had it off she then placed it into my hand and said, "Here, this is for you. It's my favorite but I want you to have it. I know you will take very good care of it for me and will love it as much as me".

I just about cried. Is that not one of the sweetest things! Mostly so because it was her favorite, and only an hour earlier she was telling me how much she loved it and had only just received it.

Children. They really do live from their hearts and it's something to be admired and cherished. And the world is a better place because of them. Blessed we all are for the daily reminders of love that our children give us ♡

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patjos wrote: I love this Brindlegirl! I'm just looking back over my favourite stories from the past year and I still feel the joy from this. Many thanks. Patrick
jemimainjapan wrote: So sweet! Made me cry!
lt33 wrote: That's so sweet the little girl has a big 💜
Rippleffect wrote: Well children are very intuitive..she could see the light shining in you! What a treasure..a gift from her heart! This is why i am so blessed to hang out with 6-7 year olds every day. Their compassion is astounding and they teach me daily! You look beautiful!
burns wrote: A reminder too for me to keep that giving place in my heart open. Thanks for telling us such a beautiful story of kindness!
mindyjourney wrote: It comes around, my friend...the kindness you share and give <3. Lovely give! Blessings to you both.
starryskies wrote: Awww, so sweet! 💓
kjoyw wrote: Amazing giving and receiving.
vitalreiki wrote: I love that feeling of giving away something precious and it see the look on the other person's face. Blessings and hugs.
melnotes wrote: Oh Brindlegirl this has me welling up with emotion! How very sweet and what a wonderful thing for her to do, no attachments and at such a young age. We can learn so much from children :)

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