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Two Dolls For Two Little Dolls

--by petroskryf, posted Jan 25, 2016
Today I bought two tiny dolls for two special little girls in my husband's family. The smiles on their faces were priceless. I realized again that a small gesture like this can make a huge difference.

May all of you have a kind, kind, kind 2016.
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menchuva wrote: They have been blessed! Thank you for bringing out those sweet smiles in them :)
melnotes wrote: Lovely gesture of kindness :)
splain wrote: They would have loved those dolls. Your right when they smiled, it was also a gift just for you
mish wrote: Sweet kindness x. All the best in 2016 for you & hubby x
KraftKindness wrote: I *love* giving little gifts for no reason at all... I wonder why I always forget to actually DO IT?? Kudos to you!!
AnnC wrote: Precious!
savraj wrote: So true! The small acts are so powerful!
mindyjourney wrote: Little dolls were always my fave as a child :)). Lovely gesture, my friend.
Bananatheworl wrote: Sometimes the smallest act can make the biggest difference. :)
KindMyst wrote: A small gesture for some is a great gift for others.

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