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Love notes.

--by info66, posted Jan 24, 2016
The first bunch of my "Love to share admiration /gratitude for.."-love notes can be carried everywhere and filled in on the spot! Like loving a well groomed garden or a very natural one, or just what one might come across in the bus or train. Loving it already!!

Choose round colorful paper to spread extra cheer! Love has no beginning, no end! 
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DANCE wrote: Lovely love
lt33 wrote: These are going to be just like mindy's doves were gonna see these amazing love notes everywhere such a cool idea spread the love 💓💓💓💓
mindyjourney wrote: Lovely love notes!! Great idea, my friend :))). Enjoy the giving.
kjoyw wrote: Lovely idea!
patchessls wrote: Love this.. Lovehas no beginning No End.. It is all encompassing.
Mish wrote: Wonderful idea for the new year 👍
splain wrote: Love notes, perfect idea. I had a lot of little cards that I would write similar, love your garden, love your cat, your house is gorgeous, Great truck, beautiful street , endless list. Like you I just got such a buzz dropping these off. You are really enjoying this and it is a lot of fun
melnotes wrote: how awesome!
Rippleffect wrote: Oh I love this colourful..I will fill them with those candy kisses. I got good advice to carry them in a plastic bag in my purse so they stay lint free. How do you know me so well ;)
horsegirl21 wrote: love this idea

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