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Movie Magic Kindness From A Cabin Guest

--by brindlegirl, posted Jan 25, 2016
We travel a lot. Nothing much. Just weekends here and weekends there. We often stay in cabins and caravan parks, never anything fancy.

It's always perfect for us and has everything we need. Most places come equipped with DVD players but never have any DVD's. Or if they do have a DVD library at reception, it's often very sad and poor. Which is why I had the idea recently to start collecting them. DVD's.

For the past month leading up to this little getaway of ours I've searched thrift stores, second hand shops, and anywhere that sells them cheap and bought them.

This morning I was able to leave a bundle with our beautiful little cabin in the bush where hopefully they will be enjoyed by many families to come.

I cannot take credit for this as all these ideas come from this place. Without each of us all sharing our own kindnesses I wouldn't be as inspired as I am to do my own.

This place is awesome. Continue sharing your kindnesses all because it spreads far further than you ever could imagine xox

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Readers Comments

DANCE wrote: Thank u :-)
terre wrote: This is indeed a terrific gift to be enjoyed by families to come in the future. Thank you for doing this!
Mish wrote: Great idea, Brindle. In the "old days" folks left books..I never thought of doing this now 👍
mindyjourney wrote: thoughtful kindness :)))))))
kjoyw wrote: The ideas may come here, but you made this one happen! You are amazing!
Rippleffect wrote: What a gift...families cuddled up together at a cabin watching a good movie! Great idea!
patjos wrote: Shine!
Marleen wrote: Awesome gesture indeed! A (world) travelling friend of mine always brings along stuff to blow bubbles; instant connection to kids and usually easy to start up conversations while the kids enjoy themselves ^_^ Always nice to spreaa cheer! I'm sure great DVD's are especially welcome on rainy days in that cabin!!
Annabella wrote: You rock star!!! I just want to scream weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What a lovely, loving and kind thing to do. <3 <3 <3
splain wrote: I love this idea. So often we have stayed at places and you are right, Terrible, terrible dvds. This is a really great idea. Love it.

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