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It's Just Ham!

--by jo-ann lester, posted May 21, 2006
A few days before Mother's day, I went to the grocery store, & there were hams on sale half price. I bought 2 since they only cost $5.00 a piece & were each 8 lbs. I thought I'd freeze them, and have them when I needed.

On the way home, I spotted a lady who walks her 3 little grandkids to the bus stop each a.m. This past winter, I noticed their jackets torn & ragged.

I pulled my car over, got out & introduced myself, talked a while, & told her I just got a great deal on a ham, & would like to share one with her. Her face lit up and she thanked me over and over again.

I felt like the hams were on sale for me to buy that day for this very reason!
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