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Letter Of Appreciation....i Had ...

--by Mish, posted
Letter of Appreciation....I had to go to the dentist today, a dentist I'd never been to before. From the moment I walked into the office, there was a strong kindness vibe present. The staff was caring & warm, over & above, and the little jolly dentist was so kind & caring. Tomorrow I am going to sit down & write them a heartfelt letter of deep appreciation.
I didn't bite the dentist & stayed calm :)))

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kinder wrote: A dentist once asked, "if i leave you with teeth- will you offer a smile to all those you meet. " the boxer said, "i have no teeth. What can you do for me? " the dentist threw a towel on the ground, waved and smiled and walked away. The boxer shouted, "oh please-just one more round? " the dentist asked "if you have no teeth why do you come to me? " the boxer replied, "i heard you were the master at fixing teeth. " "but boxer, you have none. A smile comes from the soul, maybe an eye doctor is what you need. "
Mish wrote: Graphic thanks you Wavingatyou 😋
AnnC wrote: I know the dentist and his staff will appreciate your letter. So often we only hear the complaints -- so nice to hear the gratitude.
Rippleffect wrote: Amazing how we can pick of a vibe in a place...I want to go to this dental office and I promise not to bite. THey will be grateful of your appreciation!
savraj wrote: It's so nice when you can get a dentist that can make you feel calm! So nice of you to acknowledge him!
splain wrote: I have been known to warn the dentist that I bite. He treats me very well! (;-)))) saying that I now have a great relationship with him and his very nice staff. It was so nice of you to acknowledge the staff
mindyjourney wrote: So glad that you had such a positive experience at dentist :)))). is so important! hope you gave doves <3.
leoladyc728 wrote: I have bitten a dentist in the past. Yours seems to be kind and calming.
terre wrote: So glad it went well for you, Mish.
bountiful wrote: hahaha thats funny, and lovely to get that vibe specially at the dentist lol they are good places

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