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Food Bank Bliss

--by foodbankcarlisa, posted Jan 29, 2016

We were blessed with an offer from a farmer that he would donate all the greens we could pick to the food bank we spent a few hours in a garden full of collards, turnips, kale and hybrid greens. After loaded up the truck we spent the rest of the day in the community giving out fresh greens. It was a blessing all the way around.. God bless farmers and what they grow.
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Marleen wrote: Very nice gestures!!
alisamom wrote: that is so wonderful! What a great guy, and you are so great for doing the work!
cwk34 wrote: What a wonderful service to the community
kmbhai wrote: farmers are so great.....
mindyjourney wrote: What a wonderful share by farmer and by you, my friend :))). Greens are good for us!
vitalreiki wrote: So much abundance in Nature to share with everyone. 40% of the food grown in the US goes to landfill. Poverty is unacceptable. Time for a revolution I think.
mish wrote: Awesome sharing!
terre wrote: Fresh produce is such a blessing in a food bank. So thankful so many people could benefit from this generosity!
splain wrote: This is so wonderful
melnotes wrote: Go the greens! Awesome :)

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