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Sushi With A Smile

--by kiwicat, posted Feb 2, 2016

My sushi shop has got loyalty cards, each pack of sushi gets a stamp, nine stamps and the next one is free. This afternoon I felt like brown rice vegetarian sushi for lunch, and got my 9th stamp. I then passed my sushi card along with a smile card to the person behind me in line so her sushi was free :-) she thanked me about three times, everyone was happy!
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jemimainjapan wrote: What a nice thing to do! Is that picture of the chef at your sushi shop? He has such a delightful smile!
kjoyw wrote: Sushi kindness! Wonderful!
Brindlegirl wrote: Awesome. So awesome and something that hopefully will catch on. Maybe you will start something? Spreading the kindness further??
splain wrote: can you purchase a gift card for people at this sushi shop? I like you handing over the full stamped card. It just makes your and their day better
terre wrote: Lovely sushi kindness!
vitalreiki wrote: Yah! Love that St Pierres sushi. Will do the dame next time with mine.x
melnotes wrote: What a wonderful idea :)
mindyjourney wrote: Great way to keep the sushi rolling along :)))
michelelpurce wrote: Awesome. :) Made your heart smile and i am sure made the person behind you smile also. :)

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