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Help came quickly to a neighbor in need

--by AndiCas, posted Jan 30, 2016
Hello lovely people and a happy new year! Internet is back, and so am I :)

Today has been an exciting day. I have a small herd of goats, and it's kidding season. Goats generally give birth independently, and only once before have I had to assist. But as I was taking them out for their walk this morning I noticed that one had a little head sticking out behind. Further investigation also revealed a little foot. Aaarg! - intervention required!

After some efforts to find the second leg I decided I needed help and we telephoned a neighbour, a wonderful soft spoken man who used to keep goats but seems to have a way with all animals. He arrived within minutes, slipped his jacket of and got to work whilst I held and comforted Mummy Goat. He too was not having any success at finding that second leg, but I could see that he was doing what I'd been doing instinctively so I took back over as I have smaller hands.  

Finally I located a tiny shoulder blade and on my second attempt I was able to pull the leg around and the little kid into the world. Whilst I was checking that Mum accepted him and all was well my neighbour patted me on the shoulder and quietly slipped away.

So this a shout out to my neighbour, Ze, the kindest man who came out to assist at a moment's notice without any to-do and slipped away again just as easily.

Mum and baby doing well :)

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jemimainjapan wrote: Lovely! Good on you and ze! That baby goat is so cute as well!
splain wrote: How absolutely wonderful. What an amazing experience to have. Your right, your neighbor is such a lovely man. You do have an great life. I would be in my element. Hugs to you
horsegirl21 wrote: How beautiful, a new life! You are blessed to see new beginnings and you have a wonderful neighbor to boot!
vitalreiki wrote: What a beautiful story to inject my day with sunshine (raining here in New Zealand). Goats are such cute animals too. I hope the rest of the kidding season goes well for you and your herd. Blessings and hugs.
mish wrote: Sweetness!!!!!!!!!
mindyjourney wrote: wow!!! thanks to Ze and to you for your assist <3. What a sweet kid <3 <3. Glad internet is back. Missed you, my friend :)
melnotes wrote: Wow, what an amazing share!!!!! Thank you so much for all you do :)
kjoyw wrote: Such a sweet story! And so glad that Mother and little one are doing well. Think I wrote you about once assisting with birthing goats. Wonderful, amazing experience! Well done you!
kjoyw wrote: And bery food to hear from you again! So glad your internet is back and you are once again sharing your wonderful stories!
terre wrote: Many thanks to Ze and to you for realizing what you were doing instinctively was the correct thing to do. Baby goat is precious! Glad to see you back as I was starting to worry about you

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