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Sister smiles

--by starryskies, posted Feb 4, 2016
Kind act for today.. helped my sister clean and sort though her things. We laughed a lot and shared funny memories. :) ♡

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mindyjourney wrote: Don't really need a reason...just smile :))))). Tx for helping sis....
splain wrote: I look like gooffy now, can't stop smiling
kjoyw wrote: So nice of you to help your sister! Bet you had lots of smiles. There is always a reason.
melnotes wrote: Great shares with sister!
pluto178 wrote: Why thank you and I hope you do too. x
lya348 wrote: You are blessed to have your sister to laugh with and spend time with. Enjoy every moment!
savraj wrote: Sister time is so special.
terre wrote: I've had times like that with my sister, too. I love remembering them!

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