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Gratitude Looks Gorgeous

--by splain, posted Feb 15, 2016
I have had a lovely day. I went off to do the shopping for dinner. I always say hello and talk to the delightful young man Bryan who has disabilities. He sells a magazine called The Issue. When I came out from shopping, I gave him some bottled water and a great big box of mixed chocolates. He loved it and kept laughing .  He is such a gorgeous young man.  

I always think , how would I feel if he was my son and people ignored him. So I like to make him feel Happy. I have to tell you, that every day I just feel so damn happy. I just smile all the time and feel so different. I love my life, all of it. I look in the mirror and can really now "see" me. Tell you what, not only am I beautiful on the inside but gorgeous on the outside. I can't stop laughing. Big massive hugs to all of you. Go look in your mirror and see what is there.
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leoladyc728 wrote: You are so kind and gorgeous.
Marleen wrote: Friend of mine is nearly 30, quadraplegic since 11yrs old.. He made amends with it now. Sometimes he remarks "woman are not interested in me.. I get that, well i am Turkish, so". He is quite an inspiring young man. Glad he is able to express himself through typing
pluto178 wrote: I agree nothing makes me feel better that a having a chat with someone who appreciates the time............such a lovely thing to do and you will have felt great too. x x
Brindlegirl wrote: Oh you bought him chocolates!? I love this xox
petroskryf wrote: ''And life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.''
mindyjourney wrote: Your happiness creates more happiness :)))). Lovely gift for Bryan and shared smiles! And you are absolutely glory-us :))
savraj wrote: So wonderful! You have me smiling this morning! It's so important to see homeless from
savraj wrote: your perspective. Yes what if that was one of our sons or daughters? I would hope people would treat them well. Thankyou
KraftKindness wrote: Your joy is so lovely to "see"! I try to be that happy, but seem to slip back into old, grumpy habits without even realizing it. I'm hoping my new coloring books will help keep me more balanced and less cranky, lol
Mish wrote: Go be rockin' it!!!!!

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