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A Hot Mug of Tea and a Warm Heart

--by AndiCas, posted Feb 4, 2016
I walk my goats daily, basically just following them about to make sure they don't eat any of the young trees or break into the farm. At this time of year, it can be cold and damp. For the last couple of days, after about 40 minutes, when my fingers are freezing, my husband has shown up with a nice hot mug of tea for me. He then hangs around to chat until it's time to take them in. Little gestures are as special as big ones. 
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KiwiCat wrote: Thats lovely x x x
mish wrote: And often sweeter :)) 💕
vitalreiki wrote: Amen to the little things in life. Hot tea on a cold day is such a joy.
pyronik wrote: little gestures are so important :-) how sweet of him.
splain wrote: Do you know how lovely that picture is of you , the goats and having a cup of hot tea with your lovely husband? What a wonderful life you have.
kjoyw wrote: Ans sometimes it's the "smaller" ones and unexpected ones that mean the most. So sweet for,him to bring you some hot tea! 💞☺️💞
terre wrote: Little things are really not that little, especially when they fill the heart with joy.
horsegirl21 wrote: oh yes, that is sooo nice
leoladyc728 wrote: sounds like a really peaceful time.
melnotes wrote: How awesome are you and how kind is that hubby of yours!~

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