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Inspiration Around the Corner

--by Rippleffect, posted Feb 6, 2016
There is always inspiration just around the corner! A little girl in my class has been away all week, so the kids made her a book of things she loves to cheer her up (lots of dinosaurs). I put together a little care package for her.

When I went at lunch today to drop off our parcel, I had to go down the stairs to a basement apartment. When I got there, this beautiful message was chalked on the wall beside the door. It was made by the little girl's mom. It makesme want to have an inspiring message by my door because I sure walked away with a big smile on my face after seeing it!
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Nanci wrote: Just lovely. A friend moved in with me in difficult times. Later she was telling someone that every day i left an inspirational note at her plate for her to find. I didn't even realize i was doing it, i just cared about her.
jemimainjapan wrote: It makes me want to get out the chalk too!
kjoyw wrote: This is lovely! Makes me want a wonderful inspiration to welcome visitors to my home, too!
mish wrote: A beautiful visual to uplift many people often. Way cool.
vitalreiki wrote: So cool.Your posts are always a joy to read. I wrote my post today before seeing yours, dear Ripple. We must be on that kindness telepathic wave length. Spookie dookie.
splain wrote: The mum has already got the kindness bug. What a beautiful example for this little girl. Your care package will be so welcome by the little girl and her mum
terre wrote: What a bright, lovely message, especially for a basement apartment. I've lived in them and they usually need some kind of brightening up. Thanks for sharing this with us.
leoladyc728 wrote: It just shows how much this mother appreciates you
Novice50 wrote: I love how you always find ways to spread even more kindness.
melnotes wrote: How cool is this!!!!!

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