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A Sweet Gesture For A Sweet Tooth

--by kjoyw, posted Feb 4, 2016
I am taking a piece of my husband's birthday cake to my dad. My father, known for his sweet tooth, always has dessert. I remember when he would take all his grandchildren out for breakfast and order them each a piece of their favorite pie for their breakfast dessert! I don't think our daughter ever quite understood why we didn't do that at home. :)

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mish wrote: :))))). Enjoy a LOVEly visit, Kate & birthday hugs for hubby ❤️
myfbil wrote: Happy Birthday to your hubby and what a wonderful memory to share!
mindyjourney wrote: what a sweet memory you father has gifted you :) and how lovely of you to share it back with him :). blessings.
melnotes wrote: Happy birthday to hubby and lovely sweet kindness sharing cake with your dad, I'm sure he will very much enjoy it. Lovely to have those memories too :)
splain wrote: Your dad sounds like he was the greatest grandfather byletting his grandchildren have breakfast dessert. Happy birthday to your husband and I might start up this idea for breakfast with my grandchildren. Love it
leoladyc728 wrote: I know he loved that cake. Happy birthday to your dear husband.
pluto178 wrote: ah......such sweet memories if you can forgive the pun lol x
savraj wrote: So sweet. Happy birthday to your dad. The cake looks gorgeous and delicious!
AndiCas wrote: Great memories, and I do hope your Dad enjoyed his slice of cake. And a very happy birthday to your husband of course :)
terre wrote: Belated happy birthday to hubby! That cake looks yummy, I'm sure your dad loved it.

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