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Take One or Leave One

--by ivette_t, posted Feb 5, 2016

Today my husband and I started something awesome. The sign says "Cold? Take one. Extra? Donate one." It's been so cold these past weeks. It worries us just thinking about those people who are less fortunate.  
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jemimainjapan wrote: That's amazing! What a nice idea! :)
spurginhussey wrote: Really inspiring and sensible idea!
Helenconnell2 wrote: I know a restaurant which in cold weather provides tea and coffee and asks you to leave a donation if you can
virgtom08 wrote: Great idea making it so available. We gift organizations that take care of veterans (my husband served). It doesn't matter how it's done - just share.
Rippleffect wrote: LOVE-LY idea!
terre wrote: Excellent! hope many both take and give.
melnotes wrote: You are AWESOME!
kjoyw wrote: Great kindness idea! Bless you.
splain wrote: Great idea
starryskies wrote: Wonderful!! Thanks for being kind! ♡ :)

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