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Kindness Shifting

--by mindyjourney, posted Feb 10, 2016
Was given a stack of magazines recently to recycle as origami Peace dove paper :).

Decided to look thru them first and was pleasantly surprised to see a Project Kindness section, where readers write in with their kind acts :). Plus an entire page of an inspirational quote and image.

Since turning off the TV and most media, I guess I have sort of been out of touch, but glad to see the kindness rippling, my friends :)))).

Good to check in now and then! Grateful for the shift taking place and envisioning more and more <3.

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Readers Comments

patjos wrote: Peace to you all!
leoladyc728 wrote: love the change in realities
sm2000 wrote: love the picture
splain wrote: Actually the word and deeds of kindness are starting to appear everywhere. A very good happening.
savraj wrote: I feel the shift. It's like the ground is moving almost imperceptibly but nevertheless moving!
kjoyw wrote: Do think that shift may be starting. We have sections like this in our local newspaper and one of our local TV news shows has a weekly "Pay It Forward" segment. This is a great time to reach out to all who do this and thank them for there efforts and tell them about us! These kindness pages are just perfect for your doves!
Gyrocloudy wrote: Then those doves are loaded with double or triple power. Kindness from the dove figurine, kindness from you and kindness from the magazine. :)
Marleen wrote: So nice huh, no tv! If there truly is something worthwhile, i'll find it on the internet!

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